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Carbon Footprint measurement and management for companies of any size. Carbon offsetting, certification and communication support.

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Carbon management takes the complications out of the process, ensures you are compliant and enables you to get on with your business. Our approach is based on 3 steps:



Working with internationally recognised standards, our carbon accountancy practice ensures all data displayed in our carbon footprint reports is accurate, transparent, and defensible.

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Our report accurately identifies where your emissions are generated, and therefore allows us to provide advice on how to reduce your footprint over time. This data forms the basis your Net Zero strategy. Turnkey solutions to renewable energy generation and energy saving initiatives are also outlined.

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Remove & Avoid

Using the best quality verified CO2 removal and avoidance projects we ensure that any emissions that are unavoidably generated are offset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Neutral refers to a situation in which a business does not contribute to climate change with its net emissions to the atmosphere.

For the foreseeable future, it is inevitable that businesses will emit greenhouse gases either directly or indirectly, but through a process of reducing and removing the emissions from the atmosphere, those businesses can reach a Carbon Neutral position.

Principally, to make sure that the business doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. However, companies are recognising the benefit of sustainability, not just to the environment, but also to the business themselves.

Customers are actively making purchasing decisions based on the ‘purpose’ of a business. Carbon Neutrality allows a business to stand out in their marketplace, using their sustainable credentials as a key differentiator.

It is a driver for multiple stakeholders, whether it is talent you want to hire, motivating a workforce, accessing a larger market, or increasing your visibility, brand strength and message.

In direct terms, Carbon Neutrality is commonly demanded in the tender process, as a lending criterion and a requirement of investors. Net Zero supply chains are rapidly being mandated by forward looking organisations.

It is very easy to start and is founded on one thing: an accurate Carbon Footprint.

A Carbon Footprint combines the activities of an organisation with emissions modelling for those activities. As a key step in the process engaging a qualified consultant such as Blue Marble applying international standards to provide values that can be relied on is critical.

Having identified hotspots, in most cases companies put in place a strategy to reduce the CO2 emissions over time. This allows a logical, progressive transition, maximising financial as well as carbon savings.

At the end of the process, any remaining net emissions can be removed or offset through verified projects such as: regenerative farming, re-forestation or aquaculture projects.

Usually it takes 6-8 weeks to carry out the full carbon footprinting process. Depending on your choice of offset, we can certify Carbon Neutrality within those timescales.

The cost of the exercise can currently be put against the business as a cost.

In the near future, we expect businesses to be taxed on their CO2 emissions, as is already happening in some countries. At this point, it will not only be mandatory to assess your carbon footprint but also to have a Net Zero commitment deadline.

Through the Blue Marble Partnership, we work with our clients to help them transition efficiently to a reduced carbon model. This will allow our partners to avoid having to make reactionary expenditures to comply with incoming legislation and taxation.

Alongside marketing assets Blue Marble will provide you for inclusion on your website, social media and mailshots, your business will be featured within the online Carbon Neutral Directory.

Businesses in this directory will be visible as Carbon Neutral operators, where your market can search for other forward-thinking companies. As part of this network, you can interact with other companies to form Carbon Neutral supply chains. This benefits all parties by driving down Scope 3 value chain emissions in the pursuit of Net Zero.

The directory can be found here Directory

We work with a range of carbon removal and carbon offsetting projects. These range from bespoke removal projects to international offset projects that are more affordable. These solutions are always tailored to the client.

A sample of our projects can be found here Projects

We are proud to be a consultancy based in an office with a support at the end of the phone, and are always happy to chat cost saving and sustainability. Our phone number is 01392 691351 or drop us a line by email [email protected]. We can explain a bit more about the process, answer any questions you might have, and give you a budget estimate for your organisation.

Get your questions answered

Speak to us to understand what is involved and how we can help you succeed in a Net Zero future. Book a meeting or email our team of carbon experts now.